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Image of El Angel (Various Artists), El Angel vol.2: Las Fronteras del Flamenco, DVD

El Angel (Various Artists) ~ El Angel vol.2: Las Fronteras del Flamenco ~ DVD

$ 29.00

In this volume we travel to Moron de la Frontera for a tribute to Diego del Gastor, and performances by Camaron, Dieguito de Moron, Joselero, El Andorrano, Fernanda de Utrera, Paco del Gastor, Juan del Gastor, Aurora Vargas, Raimundo and Rafael Amador, Paco Valdepeñas, Carmelilla Montoya....El Angel is a series of six programs that Ricardo Pachon (producer of Camaron, Tomatito, Tabletom, Pata Negra, Lole & Manuel, and many others) filmed/recorded in and around Sevilla in 1984, and which documented both traditional and modern Flamenco being performed at the time, much of it in very informal settings. Each volume is about an hour long, in Spanish with English and French subtitles, the DVD is multi-format and will play on any American or European DVD player, and even offers Dolby 5.1 sound.

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