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Image of UHF Ultra High Flamenco, Bipolar, CD

UHF Ultra High Flamenco ~ Bipolar ~ CD

$ 19.00

Second recording by this unique and exceptionally interesting ensemble, who powerfully channel the traditional essences of Flamenco while exploring new instrumental and rhythmic textures.The group consists of Alexis Lefevre (violin), Jose Quevedo "Bolita" (guitar and mandola), Pablo Martin-Caminero (double bass), and Paquito Gonzalez (percussion).Nuestra Sfera, Positango, O.F.N.I. (Objeto Flamenco No Identificado), A Manuel Torre, El Republicanon, Bolando, La Tanguirera, and La Baratita.If you're interested in new directions for Flamenco, this record is highly recommended.

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