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Image of Jorge Pardo, Vientos Flamencos 2, CD

Jorge Pardo ~ Vientos Flamencos 2 ~ CD

$ 18.00

Pardo's eighth album documents his recent collaborations with almost 30 musical soul-mates. Recorded largely in informal home studio type settings, Pardo and friends continue to explore the fusion of Flamenco with Jazz, Classical, traditional Spanish and Latin-American musics.... Guitarists include Josemi Carmona, Paquete, Juan Diego, Nono Garcia...; bassists Carles Benavent, Francis Pose, Jose Vera...; percussionists Tino di Geraldo, Rubem Dantas, El Chispa, Pau Martinez...; electric guitar by Javier Pedreira, vocals by Antonio Carbonell.... Cadiz, Danza del Fuego, Pasodoble, Rumba, Guajira, Joropo, a couple of Bulerias, a couple of Soleares....

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