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Image of Familia Valera Miranda, Antoine "Tato" Garcia, Sabrina Romero, Cantos de Ida y Vuelta, CD

Familia Valera Miranda, Antoine "Tato" Garcia, Sabrina Romero ~ Cantos de Ida y Vuelta ~ CD

$ 16.00

Rumba Catalana meets the Cuban Son. Tato Garcia, a Catalan Gipsy known for his work in Tekameli and Kaloome, and Santiago's Familia Valera Miranda, recognized as one of the greats of traditional Cuban music, are joined by cantaora and dancer Sabrina Romero for a comfortably inspired exchange that uncovers often overlooked mutual historical influences. Best of all, the meeting of these artists produces one of the more natural and mutually enhancing stylistic fusions to come around in a while.

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