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Image of Diego Carrasco, Mi ADN Flamenco, CD

Diego Carrasco ~ Mi ADN Flamenco ~ CD

$ 19.00

Camaron used to answer the "that's not Flamenco anymore" charges tossed at him by saying that anything he did couldn't really be anything but Flamenco, since that was the only musical culture he had, and thus inescapable. Carrasco seems to be implying the same argument between the title and the choice of material on this new record. The material really pushes the envelope: Camaron, La Perla de Cadiz, the Catsup Girls,' a Blues, a sort of Bulerias for piano and bagpipe, Hello Dolly, Rumbas in 3, and other miscellaneous unclassifiable ditties. But it all sounds very Flamenco- which presumably is where the DNA comes in. Not to be missed if you're into current Flamenco.

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