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Image of Comediants, 1001 Noches, CD

Comediants ~ 1001 Noches ~ CD

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Comediants is a Barcelona-based multimedia theater group that has been together for 33 years, performing around the world, and perhaps best known for their appearance in the opening ceremonies of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. This recent work of theirs was inspired by the burning of the National Library of Iraq during the U.S. led invasion, which resulted in the loss of a significant little chunk of the the world's cultural heritage. Using the book The Thousand and One Nights as a starting point, and music composed and directed by Oriental music scholar Gani Mirzo as the musical "screenplay," the Comediants musical ensemble (consisting of Arab lutes, Flamenco guitars, percussions, cello, vocals...) perform a compelling musical score that fuses Arab and Flamenco musics in bringing to life this classic literary text.

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