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Cordoba / Master Series: Reyes (Blanca) / Flamenco Guitar

Cordoba / Master Series: Reyes (Blanca) / Flamenco Guitar

$ 3,999.00

Manual Reyes was arguably one of the most skilled and celebrated flamenco guitar builders of the 21st century. The Córdoba Reyes borrows elements from these highly prized, rare guitars and modifies certain elements to make them accessible to the modern player, resulting in a powerful, responsive flamenco guitar.

Like the majority of flamenco “blancas,” the Reyes is built with a solid Engelmann spruce top and solid cypress back and sides. Flamenco guitars like the Reyes have a lower action than classical guitars, creating a slight amount of “sizzle” to each note. Because of the lack of relief on the Spanish Cedar neck, the frets buzz slightly, giving the Córdoba Reyes a snare drum-like pop. From picados to rasgueados, the Reyes is truly in its element when put under the test of any flamenco technique and never fails to deliver the classic flamenco sound. When played gently, it sings sweetly with a beautiful melodic voice, yet when driven hard, the biting, aggressive side is released.

Cordoba has added a few modern refinements, such as a truss rod, geared tuning machines, a breathable nitro-cellulose finish. The result is an instrument that exemplifies the authentic Reyes design, voicing, and feel, and captures a rare piece of guitar making history.

Essential Features

Soundboard: Solid Engelmann Spruce
Back & Sides: Solid Cypress
Fingerboard: African Ebony

Scale Length: 648mm (25.5")
Nut Width: 52mm (2")

Body Type: Flamenco
Construction: 1856 Reyes 7 Fan Bracing
Features: Clear Golpeador, 2-way Truss Rod
Neck: Spanish Cedar

Tuners: Master Series Matte Gold / Black Buttons
Frets: 19 (12 to body)
Markers: Frets 5, 7

Nut & Saddle: Bone
Bridge: Rosewood
Bindings: Indian Rosewood
Purflings: Maple & Black
Rosette: All Wood Reyes Design
Finish: Natural Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer

Origin: USA
Warranty: 3 Years
List Price: $5000
Extras: Humidified Hardshell Case

The Instrument's Family

Why Reyes? Hailing from Córdoba, Spain, Manuel Reyes was widely considered the most prominent and influential flamenco guitar builder in recent history; he passed away in November 2014. Reyes’ creations are played by many top professional players, most notably Vicente Amigo, who has immortalized the Reyes sound on his best-selling albums. Reyes is credited with crafting THE Spanish sound, and the Córdoba Reyes carries on this tradition.

Cordoba embarked on designing the Master Series Reyes by examining an authentic 1960s Reyes from the inside out. With the goal of understanding the essence of this iconic guitar, they studied wood thickness, bracing designs, material choices, wood grains, and vibration patterns. The combination of their own luthiers’ expert hands, trained eyes, and intuitive ears lead to an examination that was part science and part feel. After listening to and playing these guitars for hours on end, Cordoba's luthiers fully analyzed the balance, resonance and response of the Reyes to fully inform their own design choices.

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