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Image of Paco Fernandez, Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes 2, DVD & Music Book

Paco Fernandez ~ Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes 2 ~ DVD & Music Book

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Born in Triana, into one of the best known families in Flamenco, Paco Fernandez has performed with Camaron, Chocolate, Fosforito, Duquende, Potito, La Susi, Remedios Amaya, Aurora Vargas, and of course La Familia Fernandez (Esperanza, Jose, Curro, and Pepa Vargas). For this extensive instructional program, he draws on his solo record Sastipen Tali: Raices Gitanas de Triana, which showcased his powerful Gipsy toque.Each volume offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced lessons.In the first lessons, Fernandez explains and demonstrates techniques of the Flamenco guitar.The intermediate lessons consist of exercises designed to build your hands and technique.Finally, in the advanced lessons, Fernandez takes you step by step through complete compositions from his CD Sastipen Tali. Many helpful learning aids have been incorporated in the program: multi-camera views simultaneously showing both the left and right hands; an on-screen Flamenco metronome to help you follow the compas; cues announcing the intros, letras, falsetas.... The advanced pieces are presented in performance versions, slow versions broken down into segments, versions for singing the letras.... The accompanying music books contain transcriptions of all material in both notation and tablature, a guide to the notation and techniques found in the pieces, a biographical sketch, a glossary of Flamenco terms....Finally, the DVD extras include extended interviews with Fernandez, family members and even his luthier; performance and fiesta footage, and more.Each DVD is almost two hours long, and each book close to 100 pages. All text is in Spanish and English, and all music in notation and TABVolume 2 is based on the compositions Sastipen Tali (Alegrias), and La Fragua de Mi Pare Curro (Seguiriyas).

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