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Image of Manolo Franco, Guitarra Flamenca: Garrotin, DVD & CD

Manolo Franco ~ Guitarra Flamenca: Garrotin ~ DVD & CD

$ 49.00

Directed by Manuel Salado, these didactic DVD/CD programs feature Manolo Franco (one of the finest and most overlooked guitarists on today's scene), who performs a complete piece for the solo/concert Flamenco guitar, and another in accompaniment of the cante. The solo piece is then broken down into falsetas, allowing you to choose a left or right hand close-up, as well as a metronome track and the score in notation or tablature. In the case of the accompaniment piece, you can choose an alternate version without vocals to play along with as second guitar, or a version with cante and percussion but no guitar so you can provide the guitar accompaniment to the cante. The CD contains the full solo piece, the full cante piece, then "compas" tracks at slow, medium, and fast tempos with guitar and percussion, then the same again with percussion only so you can practice the guitar part. Multi-system DVD's are compatible with all DVD players and/or personal computers. The narration is in Spanish, English, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. And the accompanying audio CD is included along with a booklet that orients you to the methodology used on the DVD and CD.

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