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Image of Nan Mercader, World Percussion vol.1: Djembe, DVD-PAL

Nan Mercader ~ World Percussion vol.1: Djembe ~ DVD-PAL

$ 10.00

Mercader brings his usual clarity and thoroughness to the explanations and demonstrations he provides here of technique and rhythms for these popular world music percussion instruments. On this first volume, he addresses the African Djembe. He covers playing positions, tuning, hand techniques, production of the various possible sounds, technical and rhythmic exercises, and a bit of history. He works through the African rhythms of Kakilambe, Kuku, Kassa, Soli, Marakadon, and Timini; then ventures into examples of how the Djembe can be used in Rumba, Reggae, Rock, Hip-Hop, and other popular styles. Each rhythm is demonstrated solo with a click-track, then with ensemble, and finally there is a "music-minus-one" section for you to practice/play along. A substantial booklet is also included with notation of all rhythms and their ornamentation, with other texts and illustrations. The DVD is in PAL format and can be viewed on multi-format DVD players and most personal computers. 120 minutes, in Spanish, Catalan, English, French, and Italian.

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