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Image of Nesma & Khamis Henkesh, Rhythms of Oriental Dance, DVD-PAL & CD & Booklet

Nesma & Khamis Henkesh ~ Rhythms of Oriental Dance ~ DVD-PAL & CD & Booklet

$ 10.00

Nesma, a Spanish Oriental dancer with years of professional experience dancing in Egypt, hosts Egyptian master percussionist Khamis Henkesh for a discussion and demonstration of fundamental Arabic rhythms. Together they discuss the background and performance of each rhythm, Henkesh demonstrates them, and Nesma dances to them. Then there is an instructional segment in which Henkesh teaches each rhythm step by step for the Darbuka. There is also a "karaoke" section designed for playing and/or dancing along. And finally there is an extended performance improvisation by Henkesh and Nesma. The CD contains percussion only rhythm tracks again suitable for playing and/or dancing along, and the detailed booklet (in Spanish, French, and English) guides you through the whole package with detailed notation of the rhythms. The DVD is 135 minutes long, the CD 45. Nicely packaged.

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