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Image of Marina Valentini (director), Doble o Nada / Tangos are for Two, DVD

Marina Valentini (director) ~ Doble o Nada / Tangos are for Two ~ DVD

$ 10.00

Renzo Franchi, a small-time Tango singer in Buenos Aires meets a young Spanish girl who finds in him a remarkable resemblance to Carlos Gardell, and encourages him to become a perfect imitator of the legendary Tango singer. Together the two set off around Latin America, Juanita pushing Renzo to become more and more like Gardell in his singing and personal style, until Renzo feels the line between his own identity and that of Gardell becoming more and more of a blur. The drama reaches its peak in an encounter with Gardell's manager, who makes Renzo an unexpected proposition that brings with it unforeseen consequences.

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