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Image of Justo Valdez & La Rumba Palenquera, Tribute to Batata, DVD

Justo Valdez & La Rumba Palenquera ~ Tribute to Batata ~ DVD

$ 10.00

Afro-Colombian Rumba, filmed live on stage at the Banlieues Blues Festival near Paris. "Powerful, joyful, irresistible, a music to bury the dead or to party to, a trance music per se. Rhythms whose names reflect a hybrid polymorphous nature: Afro-Beat Colombiano, Cumbia Soukous, Porro High-Life, Champeta Palenquera...." Director Claude Santiago takes the viewer right onto the stage, with riveting close-ups of the performers' faces, hands, and instruments, bringing the music to life visually. 45 minutes, in stereo and 5.1 Dolby. An interview with DJ "Champeta Man Original" provides additional insight into the origins and nature of the music.

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