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Image of RTVE (Various Artists), Vol.04: Bronce Añejo (1979) Jerez Gitano (1980) & La Fragua (1964), DVD

RTVE (Various Artists) ~ Vol.04: Bronce Añejo (1979) Jerez Gitano (1980) & La Fragua (1964) ~ DVD

$ 19.00

A 1979 performance by Manuel Soto "Sordera" with Manuel Morao and Jose Soto on guitars, and palmas by Jose Merce and others. A series of performances from 1980, directed and accompanied by Parrilla and Curro de Jerez on guitars. Singers include Fernando Terremoto, Maria Vargas, Diamante Negro and others. Bulerias, Seguiriyas, Bulerias por Solea, Tangos, Martinete, and a Fiesta por Bulerias featuring all the singers. The last program, La Fragua, set against a 1964 recreation of an old foundry features performances of the raw early cantes associated with this setting: Martinetes, Deblas, Tonas, Livianas, and Carceleras. Sernita de Jerez, Chato de la Isla, and other singers. One dance by Paco de Alba.

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