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Image of Ioannis Anastassakis, The Art of Tremolo, Music Book

Ioannis Anastassakis ~ The Art of Tremolo ~ Music Book

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Rigorously thorough as always, Anastassakis presents over 70 approaches to this essential technique of both the Flamenco and Classical repertoires. He surveys the different types of tremolo (4-note, 5-note, 5-note extended melody tremolo, 6-note tremolo, 8-note tremolo, continuous extended tremolo...), fingering variations, building a technical foundation for the tremolo, and finally tricks and exercises to develop a strong, smooth tremolo. With observations and advice from Andres Segovia, John Williams, Sharon Isbin, Christopher Parkening, Pepe Romero, Scott Tennant, David Russell, Narciso Yepes, Stanley Yates, Stepan Rak, Juan Serrano, Manolo Sanlucar, Manolo Franco, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Paco Serrano, and others; a bibliography of Classical and Flamenco pieces that utilize traditional and/or extended tremolo techniques; advice on nails; and repertoire examples por Soleares, Farruca, Malaguena, and Granainas. 152 pages, in notation and tablature.

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