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Image of Jose Fuente, La Guitarra Gitana y Flamenca 1: A Compas "por Arriba", Music Book & CD

Jose Fuente ~ La Guitarra Gitana y Flamenca 1: A Compas "por Arriba" ~ Music Book & CD

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Fuente addresses the first volume of this series on playing the Flamenco guitar to the Phrygian mode on E (por arriba).The book begins with a brief analysis of the mode as used in Flamenco, suggestions for efficient practice and better reading of TABs, and a review of essential right-hand techniques (rasgueados, pulgar, alzapua, picado...).The meat of the study consists of three pieces in the forms of Tangos, Solea, and Rumba, which are then broken down and analyzed compas by compas. Especially useful are the breakouts of rhythmic formulae found in these forms.60 pages, brief but thorough, in Spanish, with accompanying CD of all the musical examples.

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