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Image of Gerhard Graf-Martinez, Flamenco Guitar Method vol.1, Music Book & CD & DVD

Gerhard Graf-Martinez ~ Flamenco Guitar Method vol.1 ~ Music Book & CD & DVD

$ 49.00

This multi-media repackaging of Graf-Martinez' excellent metod includes the music book, CD, and DVD, making it more user-friendly than ever, especially for self-study. The book contains many photographs and diagrams, some to illustrate techniques, others of guitars, guitarists, etc. Self-contained chapters cover all basic techniques (and some not so basic), plus compas, palmas, nail care, and an overview of current guitarists, guitar makers, construction and sound of Flamenco guitars, etc. All musical examples are in notation and tablature, and performed on the accompanying CD. 112 pages. The DVD will be especially useful for beginning to intermediate students. Graf-Martinez's presentation is always clear and well structured, and his multi-media approach renders complex rhythms and techniques accessible to students of all levels. When Graf-Martinez performs the musical examples, the lower part of the screen scrolls over the written music (in notation and TAB). When rhythms are being demonstrated, the handy Flamenco clock makes it crystal clear where you are in the compas.... And clear menus allow you to navigate quickly in and out of the different chapters. This first volume covers Rasgueado, Punteado, Pulgar, Remate, Ayudado, Golpe, Rumba strokes, Tresillo, and explores the compas through the use of the "Flamenco clock."

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