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Image of Manolo Garrido, Cuernologia del Cante (y Usted Perdone...), Hardback

Manolo Garrido ~ Cuernologia del Cante (y Usted Perdone...) ~ Hardback

$ 29.00

Garrido, a prolific composer (who wrote some of the best known Sevillanas of recent decades, the Misa Rociera, many Canciones...) and a passionate advocate of all things Andalusian, teams up with a couple of senior pals for this wacky romp through the world of amorous infidelity and the horns as their icon. They pull together countless Flamenco letras, bits of poetry, their own cartoons, and many riotous anecdotes to illuminate this dark subject with a most Andalusian tone and sense of humor. 88 pages, nice glossy hardcover.

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