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Image of Various Artists, Russian Gypsy Soul, 2CD-Book

Various Artists ~ Russian Gypsy Soul ~ 2CD-Book

$ 39.00

A vertical format 2CD package with a lavishly illustrated color booklet, this time on the Gypsies of Russia. Nowhere has the music of the Gypsies gained more popularity than in Russia, where the Gypsies have adopted countless folk songs and melodies, and given them tremendous flair and intensity. This anthology spans the full range of Gipsy music in Russia- urban and rural, instrumental and vocal, new and traditional styles.... All of it is very passionate, and makes impassioned listening. Features Loyko, Lilya Erdenko, Arbat, Trio Romen, Ilo, Jelem, Siberian Gypsies, Romance Theatre, Victor Busilyov, Jung, Lilya Shishkova, Valentina Ponomareva, Rosy Na Snegu, Nikolai Erdenko, Kolpakov Trio, Lilya Limanskaya, Sergei Erdenko, and many others. Recommended.

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