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Image of Raphael Fays, Swing & Classic, 2 CDs

Raphael Fays ~ Swing & Classic ~ 2 CDs

$ 32.00

It would be so fair and reasonable for Raphael Fays to be recognized as one of the great guitarists of our time.... As a Manouche he can play Django style Jazz as well as anybody. He is also an excellent Classical guitarist, who brings rare verve and spontaneity to the repertoire he performs. In the realm of Flamenco and Andalusian music, he has created a unique personal style, contributing interesting arrangements and original compositions to the genre. This is the third of three double CD’s intended to showcase his range and talent. In this volume, he performs a set of Classical pieces, which he plays with remarkable fire, and a set of Gipsy Jazz, heading a trio of two guitars and double bass.

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