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Image of Javier Limon (Various Artists), Mujeres de Agua, CD

Javier Limon (Various Artists) ~ Mujeres de Agua ~ CD

$ 19.00

Javier Limon's latest and most ambitious project to date calls attention to the plight of women singers in Iran, who are not allowed to sing in public. Twelve singers, supported by musicians from Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, and Lebanon, perform a repertoire consisting of traditional and newly composed or adapted songs from around the Mediterranean.The singers are Carmen Linares, La Susi, Montse Cortes, Estrella Morente, Sandra Carrasco, Genara Cortes, La Shica, and Concha Buika (Spain); Mariza (Portugal), Aynur (Kurdish), Eleftheria Arvanitaki (Greece), and Yasmin Levy (Israel).Amanecer en Istanbul (Overture), Las Caritas Desnudas! (Tunisian Two-Step), Manuela (Turkish Pasodoble), Fadista Louco (Fado), Media Luna Me Sonrie (Tunisian with Eastern Influences), Oro Santo (Island Song), El Beso Libanes (Lebanese-Iraqui Song), La Calle del Olivar (Oud Song por Bulerias), Agua Misteriosa, Komo El Pasharo Ke Bola (from the Ladino Repertoire), Milo Mou Kai Mandarini (Greek Traditional), and Un Lugar Casi Vacio (Flamenco with Bouzouki).

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