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Image of Cantores de Hispalis, Coleccion Grandes Sevillanas, CD

Cantores de Hispalis ~ Coleccion Grandes Sevillanas ~ CD

$ 17.00

Quiero Cruzar la Bahia, Costaleros de Sevilla, Pueblos Blancos, Silencio, Feria de Abril, Esa Mujer, El Puente Te Esta Esperando....This series presents the most memorable Sevillanas by the great Sevillanas singers and groups of the 60's, 70's, 80's.... For many this is still the Golden Age, when the songs and their accompaniments were much more Flamenco than what one usually hears today. And the selections really are good, full of classics that have remained standards, and as good for listening as they are for dancing.

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