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Image of Yeye de Cadiz, Llega Lejos Andalucia, CD

Yeye de Cadiz ~ Llega Lejos Andalucia ~ CD

$ 17.00

A lifelong veteran of Madrid's tablaos, el Yeye has not lost the strong Gaditano accent that permeates his Cante. Having recently been awarded the Camaron prize at the Concurso Nacional de Cordoba, he returns to the studio accompanied by guitarists Rafael Andujar, Jose Maria Molero, and Diego Losada. Aside from guitar and palmas, there is a very tasteful and effective deployment of bandurria, accordion, and cello on a couple of the pieces. Tanguillos, Tientos, Romera, Romance, Bulerias, Siguiriyas, Soleares, Caracoles, Tangos....

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