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Image of Miguel Poveda, Cante i Orquesta, CD

Miguel Poveda ~ Cante i Orquesta ~ CD

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Poveda continues his record-to-record exploration of different settings for his cante.... On this release he is "accompanied" by the Simfonietta Porta Ferrada, and guitarist Chicuelo. Joan Albert Amargos, who is no novice to cutting edge musical formations handled the orchestration and direction, while Chicuelo is credited with the compositions and guitar. Recorded live at the Festival Castell de Peralada in 2007, this performance was really the culmination of several years of work on the project. Bulerias, Seguiriyas, Alegrias, and Tientos; plus a couple of "canciones," one in Catalan, one based on lyrics by Garcia-Lorca; and an instrumental piece for the orchestra.

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