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Image of Luis Perdiguero, Vente Tu Conmigo!!, CD

Luis Perdiguero ~ Vente Tu Conmigo!! ~ CD

$ 16.00

Here's a nice one. It's not that often these days that one gets to hear a new voice singing good traditional Flamenco. Perdiguero is from Malaga, but his family's roots are in Jerez, and he is joined on one track by Luis el Zambo. Nothing old-fashioned here, just good no-frills Cante, with top of the line accompaniment by Moraito, Chaparro and Joaquin Orillo on guitars, palmas.... Rumba, Bulerias, Alegrias, Solea, Tangos, Seguiriyas, Malaguena, Fandangos, and another Bulerias.

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