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Image of Juan Muñoz, Anacronismos, CD

Juan Muñoz ~ Anacronismos ~ CD

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A singer from Cazalla de la Sierra in the mountains of Sevilla, Muñoz began his Flamenco career at the age of 20 with the group Quejio, and since the group's dissolution has been digging down deeper and deeper into his cultural roots.Strongly reminiscent of El Cabrero, both in his letras and general aesthetic, he celebrates the mountains and common people from which he grew, while always lending his personal voice to the traditional cantes.Manolo Franco provides the masterful guitar accompaniment throughout, and several of the cantes feature some unusual instrumental touches like violin (Maksim Paliazhakin), harmonica (Diego Villegas), accordion, contrabass and piano....Fandangos, Romances, Peteneras, Sevillanas, Tangos, Soleares, Milonga, Farruca, and three Bulerias.

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