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Image of Israel, Naranjas Sobre la Nieve, CD

Israel ~ Naranjas Sobre la Nieve ~ CD

$ 16.00

Recording debut of Israel Fernandez, an 18-year old cantaor, produced by Flamenco pianist Pedro Ojesto, but propelled mostly by David Cerreduela on guitar (excellent modern accompaniment) and Fernando Favier on cajon and percussion. Lots of palmas and coros, occasional contrabass and strings, but for the most part traditional instrumentation with a driving, modern aire. Very good singing, with the cantes striking a nice balance between the traditional and contemporary. Some might be reminded of El Potito's early to middle period recordings. Tangos (4), Bulerias (2), Rumba, Minera, Taranta, Bulerias por Solea, Solea, and an impromptu family Juerga consisting of a palo-seco Bulerias and Rumba.

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