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Image of Fraskito, Tierra y Sangre, CD

Fraskito ~ Tierra y Sangre ~ CD

$ 16.00

Fraskito pays musical tribute to Miguel Hernandez with these musical settings of the poet's words. Fraskito's compositions are original, mostly built on a mellow Bulerias rhythm. Fraskito has a likeable Flamenco voice and expression, and provides tasteful Flamenco guitar accompaniments throughout. He is joined by Tino di Geraldo (cajon & percussion), Yelsi Heredia (contrabass), some palmeros, and special guests Enrique Morente and Rafael Vargas "El Chino."Vientos del Pueblo, A Josefina, Rosa de Almendra, Elegia a Ramon Sije, Lunas, Nanas de la Cebolla, Los Hortelanos, Sonreidme, Tengo Estos Huesos.An extremely enjoyable record.

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