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Image of Enrique Morente, Pablo de Malaga, CD

Enrique Morente ~ Pablo de Malaga ~ CD

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While Morente inevitably settles into a personal style (his vocal timbre has always been unmistakable, his percussive renderings of the compas through guttural nonsense syllables are becoming a trademark...), he remains as artistically restless and inquisitive as ever. For this project, he turns to the life and work of Pablo Picasso for inspiration, exploring not only his art, but also notes, memoirs, and other such "scraps," and turning these (some inspired by Flamenco in the first place) into original cantes. With the collaboration of guitarists like Pepe Habichuela, Nino Josele, Rafael Riqueni, Miguel Ochando, Paquete, Josemi Carmona, David Cerreduela, and Juan Habichuela nieto, and a roster of exceptionally creative artists like he always attracts, Morente creates yet another unique Flamenco soundscape powered by the substance of Flamenco's musical culture, but guided by his own unblinking creative visions.

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