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Image of Duquende, Samaruco, CD

Duquende ~ Samaruco ~ CD

$ 19.00

Duquende's latest release, which shows the popular singer from Barcelona to have evolved stylistically since his last album. He sounds less like Camaron than he used to, and has incorporated a lot of the fast tongue-twisting word play that El Potito likes so much. Bulerias (2), Siguiriya, Rumba-Tango (2), Alegrias, Taranta, Solea, and Fandangos. He is accompanied by a very high caliber gang of sidemen: Paco de Lucia, J.M. Canizares, J.M. Banderas, J.C. Gomez, and Isidro Munoz (who also composed the music and directed the project) on guitars, Tino di Geraldo on percussion, and a few others.

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