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Image of Niño de Pura, Niño de Pura, CD

Niño de Pura ~ Niño de Pura ~ CD

$ 19.00

Re-issue. An unusually elegant modern Flamenco guitar recording, which so few years after its original release sounds more classic than modern. So it goes in the warp-speed evolution of the Flamenco guitar.... Anyway, that's not at all a drawback, as this is a top quality production with real orchestral instruments instead of the usual synth backing. And the guitar is not only top of the line, but maintains an elegant classicism, strictly respecting the traditional contours of melody and compas that define and sustain the toque "de siempre" while pushing the envelope forward. Tanguillos, Fandangos, Bulerias, Tangos, Guajiras, Tarantas, Alegrias, and a couple of other compositions. With Manolo Nieto on bass, Manuel Soler on percussion, trumpet, flute, oboe, the Chamber Orquestra of Sevilla....

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