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Image of Juan Ramon Caro, Rosa de los Vientos, CD

Juan Ramon Caro ~ Rosa de los Vientos ~ CD

$ 19.00

Debut recording by Caro, a guitarist from Barcelona, born into a family of Andalusian immigrants, raised on the Flamenco of traditional fiestas and tablaos, veteran of extensive collaborations with Mayte Martin and many other singers....This is a beautiful record, and a very promising debut. While Caro has technique and ideas to spare, he spares us the self-indulgent pyrotechnics so often heard from today's guitarists, and puts his musical resources instead at the service of a solemn, pure and sober Flamenco.Some of these toques explore unusual tunings, and occasionally one palo will contain echoes of another, but the effect is always coherent, compelling, and very Flamenco.Guajiras, Siguiriyas, Tangos, Soleares, Bulerias (2), Tanguillos, and Cantinas. With percussion by Cepillo, and cante by Enrique Morente, Miguel Poveda, Arcangel, Leo Trivino, and his father Jose Manuel Caro.Recommended.

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