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Jose de Lucia ~ Jose de Lucia ~ CD

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The steel-string Flamenco guitar has arrived. Pepe de Lucia, the latest generation of - yes, that rather well-known family of the Flamenco guitar - follows his illustrious uncle's path by seeking his own path, discovering new directions and breaking new ground. The music is very Flamenco, driven mostly by simple palmas and cajon. The steel strings, especially when played with a plectrum, give the guitar sound a fusiony element, at times reminiscent of some of the Flamenco-influenced Gipsy Jazz guitarists (e.g. Raphael Fays). But the CD compares well to any contemporary Flamenco guitar recording, and offers a refreshing take on the Flamenco guitar aesthetic of today.Pepe de Lucia (guitar) is assisted primarily by Roberto Vozmediano (percussion), and Yago Salorio (bass); with cameos by Jorge Pardo (saxophone), Julian Olivares (mandola and tres), and Alicia Gil (vocals).De Lucia simply offers titles for his compositions, which are mostly in Tangos or Bulerias rhythms: Pulso, El Bosque, De Tripas Corazon, La Conjura, Luz de Agosto, Alaire, Puerto Esperanza, and Madera y Cobre.

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