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Image of Carlos Piñana, Manos Libres, CD

Carlos Piñana ~ Manos Libres ~ CD

$ 19.00

Pinana's fourth recording contains some of his most elegant playing and composition to date. Very nice material.He is joined by a diverse group of musicians, each of whom makes a discreet musical contribution to the pieces: Curro Pinana (cante); Miguel Bascon "El Guajiro," Francis Ligero, and Tere Bautista (percussion, palmas, and backing vocals); Jose Ramon Velasco and Josue Fernandez (basses and mandolas); Selena Cansino (piano), Armando Garcia (violins), and Raudel Betancourt (flute).Rumba, Minera, Buleria, Farruca, Guajira, Zapateado, Rondeña, Solea, Buleria....

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